"The more that you read, the more things you will know.
The more that you learn, the more places you will go."
Dr. Seuss


Education is the keystone to personal and professional success for all layers of society. Consequently, the need for continuous and extensive reading has grown exponentially. Students and professionals have to keep up with content via a range of print and digital formats. Still, the fact that the majority of us are unknowingly exposed to poor reading habits from an early age hinders our learning and knowledge acquisition efforts drastically. This challenge is further complicated by the relentless pace of increase in information creation and delivery.

The question now is, how can you turn this scenario around, so you can cope and excel?

The solution is simple and guaranteed: Read Faster and More Efficiently.

With efficient speed reading, you can double, triple or more your reading rate to greatly improve the quality of your studies or work. Unlearn poor reading habits, and acquire a variety of proven and effective methods to maximize your reading output while also minimizing the time you spend reading. An efficient speed reader’s ability to learn, absorb and retain information far surpasses that of a regular reader. As a lifelong learning tool, efficient speed reading has helped millions of people unlock their fullest reading potential. Read what clients are saying about Soundway’s workshops here.



The world has evolved significantly in terms of information spread. Nearly every industry demands more in terms of work performance, quality and speed. Regardless of whether you are a student or a professional, you must be equipped with the necessary skills to cope with snowballing workloads and time constraints. However, most people are slowed down significantly by poor reading habits that they are unknowingly exposed to from an early age. Soundway’s Efficient Speed Reading is a quick and effective solution. Find out about Soundway Workshops.


  • A significant increase in competition in every industry (business administration, law,engineering, medicine, etc.)
  • The critical need to create time to balance personal, academic and professional demands
  • The need to read widely in order to stay relevant and competitive
  • The need to formulate an effective strategy to juggle tight deadlines
  • The need to be well-versed in many areas of knowledge


  • Ever increasing amounts of schoolwork, extracurricular activities and tuition
  • The need to organize an effective revision plan for examinations
  • The need to read and comprehend textbooks and workbooks efficiently
  • The need to make better preparations for presentations and assignments
  • The need to produce quality work within tight deadlines


Simple, quick, effective and long-lasting – Soundway’s Efficient Speed Reading transforms your life for the better. No matter what your education, background or intellect, Soundway’s Efficient Speed Reading offers benefits for individuals, professional and organizations. In just a matter of hours, you can gain and benefit from significant reading advantages.


  • Understand foundational reading skills needed to achieve Efficient Speed Reading
  • Unlearn slow, inefficient reading habits
  • Double and triple your reading speed – GUARANTEED
  • Master efficient reading skills
  • Improve comprehension, memory skills and recall
  • Master “read-to-learn” skills
  • Become a lifelong learner in today’s age of “information overload”
  • Skim, scan and pre-read quickly to locate the information you need
  • Increase vocabulary and grammarEnhance note-taking skills
  • Use adaptive reading strategies based on what you read
  • Make reading a pleasure rather than a chore
  • Create more leisure time with family and friends
  • Widen reading interests


  • Enhance career opportunities with new reading and writing skills
  • Gain a major competitive edge at work
  • Read more diversely to remain relevant
  • Read and comprehend faster to cope with ever increasing workloads and time constraints
  • Be better prepared for presentations and meetings
  • Learn to purposely summarize important information – quickly
  • Reduce workplace stress and pressure by meeting deadlines more quickly
  • Enhance efficiency of company’s performance as a whole
  • Build confidence, self-esteem and motivation to perform
  • Maximize quality and speed of work productivity


Most people find themselves overwhelmed by the amount of reading responsibilities they have to shoulder daily.
Soundway Efficient Speed Reading can help eliminate this burden. Soundway’s Efficient Speed Reading workshops & tools provide an effective and permanent solution to all of the factors above. You’ll have the ability to keep up with academic and professional commitments, and keep well ahead of the pack. Find out what you get at Soundway’s workshops here.

It may sound too good to be true, but the ideas and methodology behind efficient speed reading are based on hard
science and facts. The brain and eyes are capable of operating at a far higher level than what we are used to. Maximizing their usage through the use of proper techniques can maximize a person’s reading speed and comprehension while also minimizing work time. Read what clients are saying about how Soundway’s workshops are different here.